Unit 4 Review and check 复习 第二课时- 牛津少儿英语六年级上教案

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  1. 复习字母组合在单词中的发音,使学生熟练掌握,并能正确判断。


  2. 复习Unit 1~4所学句型。


  一.Free talk:


  Give it to me.


  What does it mean?


  What date is it today?


  When’s the teacher’s day?


  Would you like a yo-yo as a birthday present?




  1. 让学生画出表格归纳字母组合的发音。


  【e】bread breakfast head sweater


  【】brother Peter sister tiger


  【】dear hear near year


  【】bear pear there where




  2. 完成几道题目以巩固所学内容。


  1.bread read ( ) 2. head breakfast ( ) 3.pear near ( )


  4. brother danger( ) 5.doctor tiger ( ) 6. here there ( )


  7. dear bear ( ) 8.pear bear ( ) 9. here hear( )


  3. 让学生就书中每课C,D部分的图片进行同桌问答,然后抽学生两两问答。以检查学生的巩固情况。


  4. 默写句型。


  Give it to me。 Don’t give it to him。


  What does it mean? It means you houldn’t litter。


  When is your birthday?


  My birthday’s on the fifth of May.


  What would you like as a birthday present?


  I’d like some flowers.


  Where’s your bookl?


  It’s on the desk.


  It isn’t there now.


  It was there a moment ago.


  They aren’t there now.


  They were there a moment ago.


  三. Assignment:


  1. 书中 A~D的练习, B部分也以书面形式完成。


  2. 让学生就所学的句型表演会话。

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